✫'*°•♪♫" ✫'*°•​♪♫"
May this find You all having
 a happy , shiny day !
Again , it feels like
 100000 years since
 last We met here ! tee ! hee !
Mr Time indeed seems to
have gone into no time mode....
well ...makes it much easier to
 stretch or shrink
time as You wish ....

We always shrink the
 busy days and stretch
 the chilled out
creative ones ! heee !

Thanxxxx for all
the Easter Blessings
 and Beautiful cards
and kits shared ....
I am having
soooo much fun
with all Your
creative Inspirations....
A whole new Creative Playtime
has made My Love of Vintage
and Creative energies go wild...
so good to constantly
have something new
to get excited about !
wheeeeeeeeee !
Come and see here...
Yay for You and
those Magical
Creative Rainbows ...
may We never stop
 meeting on them !!

Much has happened
since last We met....
had incredible Healings
 with Archangel Michael...
finally cut away all
those stubborn
 negative attachments,
which allowed the Love
 energy to gush in once more....
Golden Light
strongly shines again...
another amazing
confirmation that
" Love conquers all ! "

As a result ,
 everyone's health has improved ,
and the doorways to the
abundance have opened again...
wheeeeeeeeeee !

Because We are feeling brighter,
we have attracted  some incredible
People this holidaytime...
and so the Soul Family grows !
Such a delight to meet more Folk
experiencing the same
changes and shiftings ,
cleansings and releasings ,
 and same life experiences with Our
Spiritual Guardians and Guides...
 and being able to talk about it
without being looked at funny ! heeee !
The new Playground has become
 the place to relax and chill together ,
while the Children have fun
playing safely around Us .
I am so Grateful for
 this special place !
I'm going to go back full time into
the last bit of healing..
got a bit distracted with
Easter in Sulina ! heeeee !
So may be here on
and off til end of May..
but will stay in touch ...
and meet always
on those sparklies!

Have a wonderful week...
and keep on shining ,
 creating and having fun !
Blessings and Love
I am having so much fun
 in Creativeland...
just had to share a treat
or two with
 You toooooo .... enjoy !


Created with Love with inspirations shared by

and AngelBarbiemarie.


Created with Love with inspirations shared by
Crafter's Corner
and AngelBarbiemarie

✫'*°•♪♫" ✫'*°•​♪♫"
✫'*°•♪♫" ✫'*°•​♪♫"
It is the perfect time to revive your
 dreams and ideas and renew your spirit.
It has been a turbulent time on earth,
and many of you are feeling all the
energy that is around you,
as you are very sensitive.
Take the time to nurture yourself
and do something special that
makes you feel good and fulfilled.
Happy outcomes await you as your
brilliant new ideas and inspirations
come your way and lead
 to your success.

Take the time to evaluate
situations that don't
feel quite right
or are filled with competing
 or conflicting goals.
A favourable assessment of the facts
 will bring you great clarity
and they you will have the tools
and confidence to move forward
or perhaps in an entirely new direction.
Have confidence in yourself.

There is lots of energy to utilize
on the earth plane at this time.
Choose to use this energy to
 help you heal your emotions,
allow your thoughts to be tempered
with your passion and desires
and to help you create what
you desire in the physical realm.
Consider the mental and emotional
 aspects to the words you choose to say,
especially when you are trying to make a point.
This helps to bring balance into
 your conversation and allows
 you to speak with confidence
and love.

Release any thoughts of discontent
over previously missed opportunities.
If they are important to your
souls growth they will come
around again.
Open your eyes to the possibilities
 you have available to you right now,
and act upon those.
Let your concerns fade away
and make positive,
optimistic long term plans.
You are on the right path.
Let your love of life
 be your guide.

You are dearly loved
and supported, always,
the Angels .

Thank you Sharon @

Apologies for the " watermarks "...
have so many cards being abused , so have
to protect them ! tee ! hee !
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if You wish to recieve an unmarked card
for personal use.
✫'*°•♪♫" HAVE A MAGICAL DAY ✫'*°•​♪♫"