Hellllllooooooo Dearest
" Creative Cyber Family " ,
This time 3 years ago ,
 My Family gave me " The Internet "
as a " Menopause Pressie " !
tee ! hee !

Wow !
And so much has happened
to Me because of it !

I found that I was just
not understanding
Photo Shop... and was so
enjoying playing with
Jethro's Baby Pics
but wanted some
extra magical sparklies !

That's when The Cyber Angels and Fae
introduced Me to
" Digital Scrapbooking "
through Monja and Monika
at " Digidesignresort "
Here's the 1st kit I got from Them as
an introduction ... if You sign up
and join Them , You will get it too !
I was in My element !!!
What fun to get everything
cut out and ready to use !
I was HOOKED !
Here's the 1st card I made ...
Then I met Kyra from
" With a Russian Dutch Heart ",
who became My
" Cyber Faerie Godmother " ...
Lovingly guiding and inspiring Me ,
and eventually
insisting I create a Blog !
wheeeeeeeeee !
I'm  now on Blog no 22 !
Can't stop ! tee ! hee !
There's soooo much to share !
These were the 1st Kits I
got from Kyra to play with ...
ah ! ... such wondrous memories !
This is the 1st pic I made from them .

Raspberry Road ,
Granny Art , Jecajo and
Aussie Scraps
joined My " Creative Family "
and I was in My
" Creative element "!!!
I had found the
Miracle in Menopause !
At last there was something
to wake up for ! hee ! hee !
This is the first card I created
to share on the " Internet "...
It had everyone asking Me to
Please make a " Blog " !!!✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*
And then I had to learn patience ,
as Our telephone connection
could not handle all the
downloading I wanted to do !
( Had to wait until September
for an ADSL line hee ! hee ! )
And it was a good thing I did !

For it was mid September that I
met Barbie Marie from
" Happy Scrapbooks "....
with this Magical kit ...
She became My next
" Cyber Faerie Godmother " ...
Barbie- Marie gave Me all
the " Magic Sparklies " I had been
wanting to put that final touch
on My cards and Pictures .
She took Me on an
Incredible Journey into the
World of Kit making and Sharing...
and had Me constantly excited
to see what She had for
Me to play with next .
Barbie- Marie became " An Angel "
just after I had sent Her this card !
She now sends Her Creative
Energy from above ... reminding
Us to " Amaze Ourselves Daily "
with what We allow to
come through Us !
These wonderful cards and posters
for Our Healing Group
started coming through ...
these , mixed with the constant
flow of " Creative Inspirations "
that started to fill My
" Faerie Mailbox " every Day ,
had My " Supressed Creative Energy "
overflowing with Joy !
( I had injured My " Wing " quite badly
and so had to push back looots of
inspiration in the Healing
and waiting to be strong again ! )
So You can Imagine the excitements
and Creative Satisfactions
I felt each Nite after playing...
with My Left Hand ...
on this " Magic Machine " !✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*
It also satisfied the desire to play
with brushes and paints and canvases ....
the closest I ever came to that
was painting fabrics ,
which was sooooo much fun ...
and of course
" Drawing and Coloring In "
for " The Starchildren Inspirations " !
However , I would Love to see
what real painting with
Watercolours or oils
would be like ...one day !
Well at least I can
" Paint with cut outs "
so long ! hee ! hee !
Yay for Digital Scrapbooking !
Yay for Blogland !
and Yay for the wonderful
" Cyber Families and CyberSistas "
I have met these past 3 years !
You have all been such an
Inspiration in these wee hours
and have certainly had My Creative
Energy going wild with delight !
Hence the 22 Blogs ! heeee !
In Gratitude for all You have shared
and for all the uplifting mails You send
Me , with Your Creations ...
Here is a Gift for
You to play with ...
Created with Love with
 inspirations shared by
and AngelBarbiemarie.
And then I met My
" Facebook Family " ...
and am still meeting
more and more Amazing
" Soul Families" from all
 over the world there !
Every day there is Someone
to have an inspirational or
uplifting chat with ....
always such a good way to
start the day !
 You can click here...
and come and join
in the fun there !
A Month ago ,
I connected to Deviant Art ...
and met another AMAAAAAAZING
Creative Family there !
I had started raising funds for the
" Starchildren Project "
by " Faerie-fying " potos
You sent to Me to play with ,
and here I found the most incredible
backgrounds and inspirations....
so mixing all You sharings togeter
has Me Daily jumping for Joy...
not knowing what Magic Wand
 will be sent My way !
YAY for You All !

May We continue to inspire
and uplift each other !
Blessings to You All
for a Wondrous day !
Keep on Shining and
being soooo Special !
XXX We Love You ! XXX
Minky and Everyone on
The Continent of Sulina
You may e-mail Us at...
if you wish to share your Creations
and Inspirations with Us !
You can find Kyra ,
Raspberry Road ,
Granny Art , Aussie Scraps ,
Jecajo and
Digidesign Resort here ...