Kyra created this Beautiful Qp
with Our new kit...
" Blessings and Love "...
Thanxxxxxxx Kyra ...

You can get this Gift and kit
in the " Scrapbook kits page " here ...

Love and Hugs to You All
for a wondrous day !
We are going to have the
laziest day ever ...
and just chill and do nothing !
wheeeeeeeee !
See You on sleepy Rainbows !

⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯ ◯ ⋯
From....Sue Todd....
If since childhood you have
wanted to change the world...
and have not stopped believing ...
If you feel that you have a special
 talent to help others ...
You are probably a Human Angel
and you are just trying to remember it.
Keep on Shining !
~ By ~ We Are Human Angels
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ"*❥.✫'*°


$3.00 intro. special...


Created with Love with inspirations shared by
and AngelBarbiemarie

Good Morning Dearest Ones ,
Creative Inspirations
are filled with extra
" Blessings and Love "
to make sure Your Week
flows well and
as You wish !
Have fun playing with
this One ...
I even got a bit
carried away ! tee ! hee !

Thanxxxxx again
to Everyone who so
Lovingly contributed to this Kit .
I Love meeting on these
Creative Rainbows !
Blessings and Love
for a Magical ,
Creative Monday !
Here's the Papers and Samplers..

These little " Purple Fae Friends "
can be adopted from
Thank You Dear Edith...
They are soooo Beautiful !
There are many more of these
Precious Darlings to be
found and adopted at Edith's
Special Cyber Home ...
do pop in and give Her a Hug !!

Here's the
" Blessings "
Gift that comes
in Gratitude for Your support
of Our Starchildren Project .

Thank You Kyra

for these Beautiful QPs...
give Kyra a Big Hug here....
These are both available
in the " Scrapbook Kits Page "
here ....

That was Fun !
Enjoy these Creative Inspirations !
We begin Our " Annual Hibernation "
today , so looking forward
to loooots of
Funtimes and extra
zzzzzzzzzzzzings !!!
Meet You on soft clouds
and next to relaxing
Waterfalls for a while !
More Blessings and Love !

⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯ ◯ ⋯
Helllllooooo !
We're back !!!! tee ! hee !
You won't believe what took
 over Our " Internet " ...
the " ANTERNET " !!!!
heeeee !
We've been having signal
problems for ages
and keep getting cut off ...
and this morning ,
after seeing a line of Ants
walking across the screen ,
Ian lifted the computer to
 find a whole village of Ants
living under
and within the
computer and modem !!!
Well , We had to ask them
 to move to another warm
and cosy place as We are
 missing Our " CyberFamily " !
So now We can meet on
these Magical Cyber
Rainbows again !
We are having a wondrous lazy ,
 Autumn Afternoon !

This be Our " Break-up Day "
wheeeeeeeee !
From tomorrow ,
 We begin Our annual " Hibernation "...
as " Sulina and the Fae "
 fall into deep
re-jeuvenation slumbers
 for 3 weeks !....
We shall meet looooots on
Magical Rainbows for
 Holiday Partytimes ...
starting with a real
 Birthday Party ,
as it be Almary-Elf's
 Birthday Tomorrow !
Yaaaaaaaaaay !
Thank You to All You
wonderful Visitors .
for Your uplifting and inspirational
visits this past year !
We look forward to sharing many
more Magical Moments together
when We awake once more
 on the 23rd June .....
just in time
for the Winter Schoolholiday fun !
 wheeeeeeeee !
Blessings and Love to You All
for a warm and
 snuggly Wintertime ...
and to Everyone up North ...
 May You enjoy
a warm and
 shiny Summertime !!!
Kyra and I have a Special
treat almost ready ,
to fill Your Creative
Week ahead with loooots
of Blessings and Love ...
I am almost finished
and will post all
Our treats and sharings
during the
" Menopausal wee hours "...
tee ! hee ... see You then !
In the meantime ...the Unicorn
has opened a little door ,
so that You can
" sneak a peep " !!!

from Us All in " Sulina "
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ
and Jღy ♥.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ"*❥.


Helllloooo Dearest Ones ,
So good to see that Kyra's
feeling much better !
Holding You closely Dear One
and sending daily Healing Blesings !
Do go and give Kyra
a Healing kiss here ....

Autumn is truly clicking in ....
I'm snuggling besides the fire

while the Rainfae
dance around the garden ,
creating magical droplets,
shiny , sparkly leaves ,
and giving the trees a good treat !
Yay for the RainFae !
tee ! hee !
And most of You in the North
are showing Us all Your
Beautiful Spring Flowers !!!!

How's these AMAZING
Summer and Autumn Goddesses
that Gail created ???!!!!
I had soooo much fun

playing with them ....
XXXX Thanxxxxx Gail...
They're truly Beautiful !
Go and give Gail a big hug
and adopt them here....

 Blessings and Love for
a day filled with all
the good things You wish for !
Keep on Shining and having fun !

Good Day Dear Ones
May this find You All

well and shiny bright !
We have the Wild Autumn WindFae
and Beautiful RainFae
dancing about in the Garden ...
giving the Trees haircuts
and piling up wood for
the FireFae to enjoy !
Snuggling beside Them right now ....
there's something
 soooo Special about
these warm , cuddly ,
creative energies !
So , meet You on a lazy ,
creative Rainbow today !

We've had a few requests
for Wizards...
so here's a Special One
spreading His Healing
Golden Light energies !
He can be found in the
" Gifts of Gratitude Page "
in The Starchildren Project...
Blessings and Love

for a warm and cuddly day !
Created with Love with inspirations shared by
dic vic barnes
and AngelBarbiemarie.
Good Morning Dearest Friends ,
Gosh ! This has been an
incredible week of creating !
All is quiet in the Gallery now ,
so have looooots of time to play !
Have had so much fun with
Albina's new treatings called

" Blooming Garden "
You can get it here....

Here's the cards I created ...
Kyra has spoilt Us again
with these 3 new Beautiful QPs...

Darling Kyra ...
We LOVE Your Gifts so much !
Do go and give Kyra a big hug...

These can all be found in Our
Special Creative Club
under " Kyra's QPs ".
If You are not a Member yet ,
then write to
to join in the fun !
Please Note...

We only respond to e-mails
that have a Personal response...
with a little bit of who You are ,
so that We can get to know You
first , before We " connect You ".
All other mails are treated as " spam "

Remember ... this is a Special
" Creative Family Club "...
We Love to interact and inspire

each other ... not just
give away freebies and never
see You again !

Here's a little Gift for You
filled with loooots of
Blessings and Love to You All
for a Magical Monday !
This is a Gift of Gratitude
for all Your Donations and Adoptions
towards Our Starchildren Project ,
and can be found here...
Enjoy !
Keep on Creating
and having fun !


$3.00 intro. special...

Good Morning Dearest Ones ...
here's Our new kit...
filled with
Faerie and Butterfly kisses !
I've always felt ,

that when a Butterfly
tickles My cheeks ,I have
been kissed by a Faerie !
tee ! hee !
May You enjoy many of these

special kisses this week !

Below are some samples
and a freebie ...

Remember , all these
treats can be found here...
in the " Scrapbook Kit Page "
Just noticed that the Unicorn
does not come out so well ,
neither does the stand ....
so sharing again as a Gift !
And here's the
" Butterfly kisses "
Gift that comes
in Gratitude for Your support
of Our Starchildren Project .
Dearest Kyra
created these QP treats for You .
XXXX Thanxxxxx Kyra XXXX
These are sooooo Beautiful

These can all be found here...
in the " Scrapbook kit Page "
Janice , from Scrappers Delights ,
has created this INCREDIBLE Kit
for You to play with too ....
Here's a few cards I had
fun playing with ...
XXXX Thanxxxx Janice XXXXX
This was sooooo much fun !

You can get this
 wondrous treat here ....

Well this should keep Your Creative
Energies happy for a
while ! tee ! hee !
Keep on Shining and having fun !
Blessings and Love to

You All , from Us All,
for a Weekend filled with
Loving , Joyful
and Creative Moments !