It is time for the
" badly brainwashed ego "
to let go of it's
old ways of 
fears and insecurities ,
and to allow the
Heart and Soul to guide Us
into the new ways of
living in LOVE ....
allowing Our intuition
and inner wisdom
to show Us the way !

Hello Dearest Ones,
I have created this page to share
with You , as I am always
coming to the conclusion ....
at the end of most conversations
and Healing sessions ,
 that ...
We have just been
" badly brainwashed "
into believing a whole lot of
man-made negative nonsense ,
which is creating a lot of
" horrific events " ,

unhappy moments
and is restricting Us from
Our Soul's Mission...
Our Dreams !

This is why so many of Us feel
unhappy , frustrated ...
like " something is missing "
in Our Lives , or that
deep down , there's a
" restless feeling " !

We have come to the point
of Our " Evolution ' ,
where Our
Consciousness is literally
" Waking up and
Lightning up ! " .
We will no longer compromise
 to please others ...
We feel an
urge to break away
and head for the hills
or rush to the sea-side ...
and " just Be ! "

We are experiencing
huge shifts and changes ...
both in Our Lives
and on Our
Beloved Earth Mother !
We are being reminded that
We are not separate from Our
Mother and Father God ,
and that We have the Power ,
by simply using Our thoughts ,
to create any
situation We wish to ..
 by relaxing and listening to
Their gentle Guidance...
Our Inner Wisdom ...
Our Conscience !

Bad brainwashing
has Us already
creating too many negatives ,
fooling Us into believing it
" to be the norm ! "
So imagine ...
turning the switch ...
and creating all the Positives ,
that are for Our Highest Good ...
it's that simple !
Life can become instantly ...
" Happy ever after " ,
if Everyone changed
Their thoughts,
emotions and actions ,
to Happy , Loving , Harmonious
Ones , all at once !
Here I share My experiences ,
and Guidance that
I have received
throughout this lifetime ...
that have helped Me overcome
all the negatives that I knew
deep down inside
" need not be a part of My Life " !

I have , in the past , and
in most " past lives " ,
 always been stubborn ,
as far as standing up for
the Truth goes ,
especially if
Children and Nature
are involved ,
often to the detriment
of Myself ...
 insecure " adults "
never like to
 be " bust " !
tee ! hee !
However , I have found ,
eventually They
Thank Me for being
Open and Truthful ....
and I am always
" rewarded for My Honesty "! 
20 years ago , I left the
" adult world "
behind and entered
" the Grown-up World " ,
where I experienced many
" remindings
 and rememberings "
of why We were here ,
and what Life We
can be enjoying .

I allowed Myself to literally
let go of Other People's
fears , insecurities and
expectations of Me ...
not be bothered by
Them always telling Me to
" face the REAL World ",
or to
 " grow up "
" get Your head out
of the clouds " etc
tee ! hee !
I mean I am now 55
and happy with the life
that I have chosen !!!

I was once told....
" It is none of Your
business ,
what other People
think of You ! "

I have been
learning wondrous ,
 Life lessons ,
Healing Inspirations
and huge changes
in My thought patterns ...
these have created so
many Miracles
and turned around so many
" negative stuck in the mud "
situations !

The greatest Miracle ,
was to finally create the
" Faerie and Angel Healing Sanctuary "
that I have been " Dreaming of "
My whole Life !!!!
And I feel that ...
if I am allowed
to accomplish My Dreams ,
and make it work ...
then so can You !
Come and see at ...

May You , too , be inspired
to let go of all past negatives ,
fears and insecurities ,
and allow Yourself to be ,
the Beautiful , Loving You
that You are !
May You bring everything
that is for
Your Highest Good
 into Your Life ,
and May Love , Peace
and Happiness ,
surround You Forever !