Early Morning Blessings
to You All !
Just had to share the Beautiful
card that Kyra made for Us .
She is truly the best
" Cyber Faeriegodmother " !

Here are some cards I
made to hare with Our Little
Visitors , who keep asking
about the different kinds
of Faerie Folk !

Click on the cards and
They will get big enough for
You to read and print ...
sometimes You have to
 click twice to keep it big .
Enjoy Them

Seems that a lot of Folk are
feeling the Christmas
" anti - climax ' !
So to keep the Magical
energy going , thought I'd
share a little card
for You to create !
Have Fun !
You will find this Gift in
Our Creative Club
" Minky's create-a-cards".


E-mail Us at
if You wish to join
Our Creative Family
and to receive Our Gifts

Faeries Love to celebrate !
Every day is a Celebration ....
the fact that We are Greeted
each Morning to the most
Beautiful Sunrise ,
is a Miracle to Celebrate
in itself !

The Christmas Energy does
not have to go now that
" Christmas Day " is over ....
I think that We are given this
Special Day to remind Us just
how Loving , Giving , Kind ,
Peaceful and Joyful
We All really can be ...
it is these energies that
 wish to continue
 throughout the Year ,
creating the Happy ,
 Loving lifestyle We actually
All came here to enjoy !

To Everyone who had
to go back to ' work '...
may it never be " work ' again ,
only ' fun and play '!
May each day be filled
with the uplifting energies of...
" Love and Gratitude ,
Peace , Joy and Light ...
Happiness , Good Health ,
Prosperity and Harmony ,
Day and Night ! "
( This is the little song We affirm with each Morning )

Keep on Shining
and being sooooo Special !
Love and Peace
This page is filled with
the Creative inspirations
Lovingly shared by ...
Granny Art , Cajoline Scraps ,
Magical Reality ,COH Scraps ,
Medievil Scraps , Jecajo ,
With a Russian Dutch Heart ,
Bees Creation ,
and AngelBarbiemarie
Thanxxxxx Dear Ones !

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