Good Day Dearest Ones.
Faeries , being the
Guardian Angels of the
 Natural World ,
like to remind Us to
Respect all Living Beings
who live on Our Beloved Earth Mother ...
for every thing and every one
is Special , Perfect and Unique...
and deserves to be Loved
Unconditionally ...
it is Love and Respect ,
alongside Gratitude ,
that creates a Happy , Shiny ,
wellbalanced " World ".
May You be Blessed with
extra kisses from The Fae today ,
reminding You that
all is well
and that You are truly Loved
Shine on Dear Ones
Here's a little treat
for a weekend creative
inspirational moment ....
which can be found
in Our Special Creative Club
in the " Create - a-card page "
I made this card for a Friend
whose Rainbows got
covered up by dark clouds !
So thought I'd share it with You .
Enjoy playing with it ...
and do send Us a picture of
what You have created...
We LOVE seeing
what You do...

You may also send Us an e-mail
if You are not yet a Member of
Our Creative Club...
tell Us a bit about Yourself
and We will connect You
to Our Creative Family !
e-mail =
Created with Love with inspirations shared by
and AngelBarbiemarie.
Thanxxxxxxx Dear ones...
that was fun !

Dearest Kyra
created 3 QP treats for You
with Our new kit....
" Magical Mix "
XXXX Thanxxxxx Kyra XXXX
They are sooooo Beautiiul...
here's the last one ,
to be found here
with the kit ...
You can give Kyra
a big hug here ....

Blessings and Love
for a weekend filled
with all funstuff !

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