" The only way to find
true and everlasting Peace
is to learn to be
" at Peace "
with the way things are ! "

Good Morning Dearest Ones...
We are experiencing great shifts
during the next few days...
a wonderful time to take
the opportunity
to let go of all that is blocking
Your " Pathway to the Light " ,
once and for all ...
so that We may all
experience the reality of
the opening quote !!!

It IS truly time to allow
Ourselves to open Ourselves
to all that is for
Our Highest Good...
a Powerful Time to truly
connect to the Beautiful
Golden Light Beings within ,

that We All are !

We have created some uplifting
and inspirational
Healing Meditations
and Affirmations
to assist You during these
wonderful changes .
May all flow well
and as You wish ...
remember , there are only
two energies to choose from..
Love or fear !

May Love , Peace
and Happiness
surround You forever !
Keep on Shining
and being sooooo Special !

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