♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"
Good Morning Dear Ones...
It be day off ! wheeeeeeeeee !
Today I choose to do nothing ,
 but just sit in My Garden
and blow bubbles !!!!
Some of the shiftings these
 past few weeks have
been truly exhausting....
"complaining positively " !!!
tee ! hee !
I am Blessed to have this
 Beautiful Sanctuary to chill out in !
Meet You in Sparkly Rainbow
 Bubbles for Fae Tea Parties
all day long !
Blessings and Love
for a Magical Monday !
PS... this is a card I created with

photos that Ian took in Our
Forest and Mountains ...
with one of " Fortuneswell "s Fae
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"—

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