Tee ! hee !
Hellllllllllllloooooooo Dear Ones !
Just had to share these amazing

 Fae ears that Sue sent Me !
 I know that You  wear them
all the time overseas ,
but these be the first that I
have seen in our little Sanctuary  !
heeeeeeeeee !
They' re soooooo much fun ,
had to see what Ian looks like too !
Well , We both have such big ears
anyway , so now we are truly
re-assured of who We really are !
Do not have much time to play here
today , as I have many Birthdays
to catch up with ....
so will let
" every picture share a story " !

I have created a blog thru Ian's e-mail
and now I can send the pictures to there
and copy n paste them to here...
so now I can still send new cards !
wheeeeeeeeee !

We are celebrating
Jethro's 4th Birthday this month....
have not had a chance to
make any cards of His special day yet ,
so sharing this one of us
 having fun splashing in
" the waters of light " !
And today is My Daughter , Ferne's
32nd Birthday !
wheeeeeeeeeee ! again !!
So We are truly meeting each nite

in Dreamland for loooooots
of Magical Partytimes !
Here She is with Her Beloved ,
 Darran .... the two of Them
are planning to get
married in March !
Just had to share this
incredible Blessing....
for the past few days this precious
little Darling has been
Blessing Us with it's presense
in the garden ...it is
not scared of Us and seems
to enjoy our company at sunset !
I just sit quietly on the grass
and it hops close to Me
making Me feel like Snow White !

I looked up in the
" Animal Totem "
to see what message this
Precious little Being
has for Us .
Here's what I found ....

" The rabbit totem is an instrument
 of magic and good luck. Her gifts are spontaneity,
 alacrity and agility.
 Likewise, her path guides us to go forward
with positive anticipation,
for rabbit brings success to all endeavors.
Rabbit is also a symbol of reproduction and abundance.
The lesson is to create joy
and faithfulness within our friendships.
 Finally, rabbit teaches us to overcome
 our fears as we take a conscious leap into new territory."
Thank You .....

Movement in life, fertility, sensitive, artistic
, plan for possibilities,
check what is in motion now, move
carefully in work or play, allows for taking
advantage of brief chances available.
 Is it time to observe and watch
 or time to make leaps?
Rabbit can teach you how to plan and
helps in setting them in motion.
How are you eating habits?
 Perhaps you need to increase your vegetable intake?
Rabbit is a joy so enjoy the movement at this time.
Thank You .....

Rabbit: fear, timidity, nervousness, humility
Rabbit's medicine includes moving through fear,
living by one's own wits,
 receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages,
quick thinking, strengthening intuition, and paradox.
Rabbit also represents humility,
 because he is quiet and soft and not self-asserting.
Rabbit reminds us not to be afraid.
Fearful thoughts reproduce (like rabbits)
 and bring the very thing we fear.
Rabbit people are so afraid of tragedy, illness, and disaster,
that they call those very fears to them to teach them lessons.
If you see Rabbit or in any way feel attracted to him,
it may be telling you to wait for the forces
of the universe to start moving again,
to stop worrying and to get rid of your fears.
 It always indicates a need to re-evaluate
the process you are undergoing,
 to rid yourself of any negative feelings or barriers,
and to be more humble.
Thank You ....

We are going through such
major life changes right now ,
so it has been wonderful to
have this Precious One
literally forcing Us to take
time out at sunset and relax ....
listen to Our Inner Wisdom ,
as well as re-assuring  Us
of all these new beginnings  !

And it be Easter soon !
tee ! hee !
Yay for " Bunny Medicine " !!!

Blessings and Love to You all
for  week filled with
Love , Laughter
and loooooots of Magic !
Keep on Shining and
being so Special
Love and Peace
PS ...with Valentine's Day
around the corner ,
and with all these
Loving re-assurances ,
thought I'd share a
Loving Gift Bag with You all ...
enjoy !


Created with Love with inspirations shared by
and AngelBarbiemarie.


  1. Hahahahaha, you and Ian look AMAZING!
    What great layouts!!
    Hope you're doing okay??
    LOTS of Hugs,

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Jan. 25, 2012. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you so much Minky...hope you're well...xx

  4. Love those ears! :-) Beautiful kit - thank you for sharing it.