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Helllloooo Dearest Ones,
Seems the text here
and I really do not remember
what I wrote !
tee ! hee !

So I am letting
 "every picture tell it's story ! "
and will fill in what I can !

heeeeeeee !
Blessings and Love
for a happy , shiny day

♥ I am a child of the Light.
I love the Light I serve the Light.
I am protected illuminated provided
for and sustained by the Light.
 I bless the Light.
 I am the governing love,
wisdom and power with its intending
 intelligent activity,
which is acting today,
 in every single thing that I think or do.
I command this infinite activity to
take place every moment of the day
and be the sustaining guard about me,
so that I move, speak,
or act only in Divine Order. ♥

"Dear God,
 I am giving you everything that
is painful in my heart, mind, and body,
as I know you desire only peace
 for me (and everyone).
Thank you for transmuting this
pain into peace,
 and for uplifting my thoughts,
mood, and energy
so that I can see myself
 and this situation
 through the loving eyes of the angels.
 Thank you for helping me to
 trust that there is a
divine order behind this situation"
- Archangel Michael -

♥ Thank you Louise ♥
♥ We Love you ♥
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