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Helllloooo Dearest Ones ,
Thanxxxxx to You ,
I have had soooo many
 beautiful kits to play with
that I got lost in My
" Creative Mushroom Ring " !
tee ! hee !
Meet You there all the time  !
Having fun catching up with
Jethro's sea adventures ...
will share when they're
" resized " for posting !

In the meantime I share
this incredible photo
that was sent to Me...
I added the affirmation
to put on My Wall !

Can You believe that We have
been Loving each other for
3 years now !!!!
wheeeeeeeeeeee !
Feels like We've known
each other forever !!!!
Here's a little bit of History
of Our time together !

This is a photie Ian took
of Our Sunrise ...
with My favourite message .
Do so LOVE the
Beautiful Gifts that Manu @
shares ...
all My favourite kind of softness !
Here's one I played with ...

do go and meet Manu ,
if You have not already !

I LOVE to pop in
and see what Sharon and the Angels
have to share with Us....
Here's a message that goes
so well with My picture...
" Celebrate Life "....
enjoy !

" Each and every one of you is an important
part of this unfolding, continuous
experience and has a vital role to play
 in the grand plan.
Ask your angels to help you see
the difference that you make for others.
 Everyone counts,
therefore it is a magnificant experience
 to lend a hand to another along the way,
and the energy that comes back to you is amazing.
See the beauty and love of who
you are and in turn,
 notice it in others.
 The more you do, the more you see.
There is turmoil and chaos
happening all around,
 that is not hard to find,
so look for the love,
service and support that others
 share and see the underlying
order in all that is unfolding.

The angels are with you and supporting
your plans for grander things ahead.
When you act to serve for the good of all,
you find alternatives and avenues
you never thought possible.
Remember to be open to receive as well,
 for that is how the cycles work at this time,
 open you heart and mind to all the
 possibilities and opportunities
that are coming your way.

"I am honoured to play my
 part in the unfolding Universe."

Have a blessed day and know you
 are loved and supported, always,
 The Angels "

" Let there be peace in your heart
Love unconditionally "

Thank you Sharon at...
Keep on shining
and being so special !
Blessings and Love

for a Magical Wednesday !


1 comment:

  1. WOW, 3 years already! Time flies, I always say so, but it really does. I tried the link for your gift, but it's saying that link is not valid???
    Oh, received your mail about Jethro. Poor little guy, I hope he hasn;t too much pain from his broken arm and that it will heal quickly and good!
    Thinking of you and him!