XXX More Springtime Kisses XXX
This is Karen's
Fortune Faerie
snuggling amoungst
the " Shy Violets " .

I just LOVE this
time of the Year ...
walking around the Garden
feels Like Heaven !

The energies of Love
are so intense ,
as The Fae Folk and Angels
help all the Baby Flowers awaken
to the warm Sunbeam Blessings .
Their Beauty and softness
is hard to describe...
all I can say is ...
go and allow a flower to kiss
 You on Your cheek ...
 and You will see what I am saying !
hee ! hee !
Here the Jasmine Fae play ,
and spread Their Uplifting
Fragrances all over
the Garden ...
truly breathtaking !
XXX Bless the Flower Faeries XXX
They are working so hard at the moment ...
 do take time out to show
Your Gratitude and Appreciation ....
and please rememeber ...
no matter how tempting it may be ...
They do so LOVE to just be left
alone to dance in the wind and
grow big and strong for You
 to enjoy for a much longer time !

There are , however , some
Flowers that will choose to be
shared  , when They are ready ...
and You will be guided to Them...
better still ...
support those Special Ladies
who grow Flowers that have
chosen to to create those
Beautiful bunches ,
to delight Your 
Special room !

Have a Magical Springtimeday !
Love and Peace ,
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