XXX Good Morning Dear Ones XXX
This Dear Magic Machine
took a rest for 2 days ...
heeeeee ! ran out of
" airtime " 'cause have been
doing looooooots of
uploading to two new " Blogs "
I am creating for the Children...
will keep You updated !
Will take a while !
Well in " Human time "...
in " Divine time " , they will
be ready just now ! heeee !

For now I share one of
the cards , to give You
 a little taste !
Enjoy !

Kyra has sent in some
incredible new Treats , and 
I have been having fun too !
Well it is Schoolholidaytime !
Am busy uploading the Gifts for You
so , make a pot of tea and
come back later !

Have a fantastic Friday !
Love and Peace

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