Archangel Michael ~
You have come to this realm to Shine,
to become Aware of your Light,
 your Essence, and your Divine Magnificence.
All experiences you have set up
on your path, in order to bring
Awareness of the Light you carry within.
 Create every obstacle, experience,
 as an opportunity ...
to Brighten the Essence of...
your Radiance through the Highest Thought,
 Creative Power,
Purest Intention of LOVE.~
XXX Thank You Archangel Michael XXX

XXX Good Morning Dearest Ones XXX
Today I'm sharing some
" Angelic Magic Spells "
that really help to keep Us
travelling this pathway to Ascension
in Love and Peace.
My Dear Angelsista , Sandhiya ,
introduced Me to these
" Humming Balls " a few years ago ...
and each time I use Them ,
miracles happen !
I Love being able to send out
good energies in all
kinds of Magical Bubbles !
You , too ,can send Pink Bubbles of
Love to Someone or some place
that You have heard of that needs
these uplifting energies .
Even Animals and Plants respond
to this Special Humming Ball energy !
Another amazing energy to surround
Yourself with is Your " Great Soul "
energy called " The Mahatma Energy "...
repeated 3x in the Morning
and Evening , this incredible
energy restores the balance and
brings Harmony and true Love
into Your Life and to the
whole Planet !
 (More about this special energy below )

Sending loooots of Love ,
Peace and Light Blessings
to You All for a
Wonderful Wednesday ,
filled with all the good things
You wish for ... and deserve !
Keep on Shining !
XXX Thank You XXX
Sweetpeas tubes , Granny Art ,
Bee Creations , Magical Reality ,
Cali Design and AngelBarbiemarie
for these magical inspirations shared

At last , had a chance to tidy
up John and Sandy's corner ...
( from Fortuneswell )
I Love having this whole place
to Myself ! hee ! hee !
It's like playing in a big Dollhouse !
Don't You Love
this Goddess Angel !
She was the One who surrounded
Sera with Golden Light during
Her labour !
I Love the way the Butterfly kisses
the Dragon , while the rest of the Fae
relax and chat !
More Hugs and Kisses
to You All ,
for a Magical Day ahead !
Blessings and Love
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