XXX Good Morning Dear Ones XXX
The WildwindFae are keeping Me awake ,
so thought I'd finish these two
cards I'm playing with !
I'm having soooo much fun with
Dawn's Precious Darlings ...
This one has magical inspirations
from Cali Designs, Granny Art ,
Magical Reality and Raspberry Road Designs
XXX Thanxxxx Dearest Friends XXX
for keeping My Creative Energy buzzing !
And then Zetty came " to play "
looking so pretty , and when I told
Her how Beautiful She looked ,
She shared that She was hoping that
I would make a Faerie card of Her ...
so I did !
Here I have played with inspirations
from Magical Reality , Cali Designs,
Pewter 7 , Sweetpeastubes
and Raspberry Road Designs ...
Enjoy !
Keep on having a wondrous weekend...
tuck in Your wings , so You
don't blow away !
Meet You for teas and hugs later
on a friendly Moonbeam !
Keep on Shining and having fun !
Blessings and Love
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