Late Morning Kisses to You All ...
I had a wonderful early morning
visit from Jethro...
while Mom relaxed at the
Hairdressers ...
what a treat to wake up to !
Started drawing and cutting out
a collage for His new room ....
Here's a poster I made for Him.

How sad to see how many have
forgotton how much fun
Their Holidaytime was ...
and to hear Folk say that They
are glad the Holidays are
almost over !
The Magic of Christmastime
has become sooooo commercial
that most Folk have forgotton
how to enjoy it !
What a pity , to miss out on
all those Happy Moments !

Maybe it's just Me , and the fact
that Holidays are sooooo Special
to Me , as I hardly ever took
one while ' working from Home '
to take care of My Children...
and then creating Sulina
has whisked away almost
20 " Human Years " ,
without much time out !
I am " Complaining Positively "
here , as I have always Loved
what I do , so it has always felt
like " playtime " .
My Body is just tired now ,
and has been seeing how
Happy the Visitors look
while ' Holidaying " ,
so now It wants one too ...
and wishes to remind Those
who have loooong Holidays , to be
Grateful for these treats ...
They are Blessed to have at least
3 weeks ' paid leave ' every year ...
and to just
" Love the now !"

This Year , may Everyone
start gathering and Creating
Their " Gifts "
from now , to avoid any
more " bad vibes '
over Christmastime !

My Dear Angelsista , Sandhiya ,
introduced Me to these
" Humming Balls " a few years ago ...
and each time I use Them ,
miracles happen !
I Love being able to send out
good energies in all
kinds of Magical Bubbles !
You , too ,can send Pink Bubbles of
Love to Someone or some place
that You have heard of that needs
these uplifting energies .
Even Animals and Plants respond
to this Special Humming Ball energy !

Many of You have asked Me where
I find the time to do all of this ...
I am going through Menopause...
and that has given
Me ' Midnite Hours ' to be
alone and create in ...
Unable to sculpt or create
with the glue-gun in those
 wee hours , I was Grateful to
find You all in ' Blogland '
to Create with !

The Creation of all these
" Cyber Homes "
amazes Me just as much as
it does You !
The Angels and Fae stretch time
when You help Them to
spread Their
uplifting messages !
heeeeeeeeee !

I have also been put on
" Light Duty " ...
as My Hand was not Healing
while trying to also
be part of the
" Schoolholidaymadness " !
So this has given Me more time
to share all I learn with You !
And because it feels like
I have left all the ' hardest
life lessons ' to this one...
I have much to share !
hee ! hee !

And talking about sharing ...
here are 3 new inspirations
I have had fun with...
and will be found in the new
" Lots of Love Cyber Home "
under " Mini Treats '
and " Loving Gift Bags "
Have fun Playing with Them.

Oh WOW !
Have just got this beautiful QP
from Kyra , for the new
" Love Cyber Home ! "
This Gift will be found under
" Kyra's Loving QPs "
Enjoy !
Sending loooooots of Faerie
kisses and Angel Blessings
to You All ,
for a Happy , Shiny , Dancey Day !
Love and Peace,

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