Good Morning Dearest Ones ,
Started the Day with Golden Beams
peeping through the Window
as I was having fun creating
a Sunshine Gift for You !
Have just finished this card I
created for Myself ,
to help visualize the energies
I wish to be surrounded by...
this shows the wonderful
feeling the Sunrise gave Me Today !
Thanxxxxx to Eena for Her
Beautiful Creative sharings !

Created this card for Jethro ...
He's just had His first Haircut
at a " Hairdresser !!! "
You can go and see Eena's wondrous
inspirations here...

Thank You for Your mails
and queries about My Hand ...
Here's Archangel Raphael ...
the Beautiful Healing Archangel ,
who , together with
" The Angel Healing Brigade ",
and all of You and
Your Healing Blessings ,
are making all better as
each day passes .
The awful " burning " has
finally stopped ...
had to go through a big
" anger releasing" first ...
gosh , so much came up that
needed to be let go of,
Forgiven and Loved !!!
The Fingers are still stiff ,
but can now be touched !!!
Am working all the time
on keeping the
circulation going !

Thanxxxxxxxx to Your Love
and these fun Creative Rainbows ,
I was able to rise above
all the negatives
that had attracted the situation ,
and am feeling soooo good
as I jump back into
Golden Rainbow Light !

Been singing this song
with Jethro all week , so just
had to create a Gift to
spread the Sunshiny energies !
hee ! hee !
I LOVE it when Kyra and I are
in sync on Creative Rainbows ...
Look at what She sent through !!!!
wheeeeeee !
Now let's see what comes up next !!!
Thanxxxxx Dearest Kyra !
You can give Kyra a Happy Hug at ...

Both of these trests are under
" create-a-card ...kits '
in " Lots of love "
Enjoy !

I can smell the toast ..
 so off I go to greet the rest
of the Day !

Blessings and Love to You All
for a Fantastic ,
Sunshiny Friday !

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