It's Jethro's 3rd Birthday today !
Wheeeeeeeeee !
I've been a Nana for 3
wondrous years...
am sooooooooo Blessed
to have this Precious Shiny
Starchild in My Life !
Will meet You on Rainbows
for Partytime Celebrations !

Had a whole day off
yesterday to just chill and heal...
has been soooo hot and melty,
and My hand was very owie
with the heat  !
So just relaxed and played
on this Magic Machine ...
made Jethro a " peek-a-boo"
card and had fun with these
two treats , inspired by
Jecajo's Beautiful Darlings ,
for You to relax with Today !

These are in the
" Create-a-card ' page
in " Lots of Love '
Enjoy !

Blessings and Love to
You All , for a Sunday filled
with everything that is
Shiny and Bright !
Love and Peace

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  1. Hello Minky,
    I came here from Kyra's page,
    I just wanted to say what a Beautiful, Magical place Your Blog is.
    It is a joy to visit!
    Thank You,