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  1. Thank you so much Minky & I believe Kyra too. I hope it is Kyra creating. Minky, you should not be creating right now!
    I really appreciate the Healing Affirmation you have made for me.
    You can sit and think of all the lovely creations you can make when you no longer would harm yourself.
    As I said I was going to place a healing request on my site. I posted your "Humming Balls" with it, I hope that is okay with you.
    If you want to see it, you can visit my site:
    You do have to be a member to join. It is also Pagan Based. The cycle/wheel of the year seems so much more natural to me. Then any religion. I am a dirt worshiping, tree hugging, Naturalist :))
    Love & Hugs, Ariadne/Janet