Good Morning Dear Ones ,
We have felt great shifts during
this Magical Full Moon time...
the energy of Love has become so

much stronger , creating many
Miracles and new beginnings.

The Boys are turning into real

 Carpenters ! tee ! hee !
They are having so much fun
playing in the new

Children's Sanctuary ...
They have added another 2 towers
and just finished the " sandpit "...

where I am peeping thru ...
bottom left picture .
How's this one that Sera
 took of Me going into the House
 next Door's back Garden ....
a true Misty Moisty Morning ....
this is where We are going to
move the Veggie Garden to ...
will be sooooo amazing to have
all this sunny space !
Right now , I wish I could just sprinkle
a pack of wildflower seeds ! tee ! hee !
Have always wanted to grow a " Field " !

Here's a little treat to
say Thank You
once more for
" Adoptions and Donations " ...
assisting Us with this
exciting Project..
You will find this Gift here ,
in the " Freebies Page " ....
Enjoy !

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