Helllloooo Dearest Ones ,
So good to see that Kyra's
feeling much better !
Holding You closely Dear One
and sending daily Healing Blesings !
Do go and give Kyra
a Healing kiss here ....

Autumn is truly clicking in ....
I'm snuggling besides the fire

while the Rainfae
dance around the garden ,
creating magical droplets,
shiny , sparkly leaves ,
and giving the trees a good treat !
Yay for the RainFae !
tee ! hee !
And most of You in the North
are showing Us all Your
Beautiful Spring Flowers !!!!

How's these AMAZING
Summer and Autumn Goddesses
that Gail created ???!!!!
I had soooo much fun

playing with them ....
XXXX Thanxxxxx Gail...
They're truly Beautiful !
Go and give Gail a big hug
and adopt them here....

 Blessings and Love for
a day filled with all
the good things You wish for !
Keep on Shining and having fun !

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