Good Day Dear Ones
May this find You All

well and shiny bright !
We have the Wild Autumn WindFae
and Beautiful RainFae
dancing about in the Garden ...
giving the Trees haircuts
and piling up wood for
the FireFae to enjoy !
Snuggling beside Them right now ....
there's something
 soooo Special about
these warm , cuddly ,
creative energies !
So , meet You on a lazy ,
creative Rainbow today !

We've had a few requests
for Wizards...
so here's a Special One
spreading His Healing
Golden Light energies !
He can be found in the
" Gifts of Gratitude Page "
in The Starchildren Project...
Blessings and Love

for a warm and cuddly day !
Created with Love with inspirations shared by
dic vic barnes
and AngelBarbiemarie.

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