My Dearest Mother

became an Angel 25 years ago ...
She died from pure stress
that had created lung cancer ....
Her last message to Me was
" You are far ahead ...
 No-one will ever
understand You ...
just go and do what
makes You happy
and then they might understand
the Love and Guidance
You have to share ! "
We had struggled to connect
My whole life ...
I was different , and this
made My Family uncomfortable .

However , just before My Mother
became an Angel ,
She lived with Me for a while ....
We were able to heal Our past ,
accept each other for who We are...
and finally enjoyed creating together ,
walking on the beach together ,
relaxing and just
Loving each other Unconditionally !
She came back immediately
after Her Passing ,
to show Me how happy
She was , standing besides
My Grandmother ,
the two of Them dancing
like tiny Children !

My Mother and Father ,
after Their passing ,
have both been a huge influence
on making sure that
My Dream of a
"Faerie and Angel
Healing Sanctuary "
finally became a
wondrous reality !

My Mother is also
the one who teaches Me
all the Magic on this
Computer Friend ...

She was a Secretary and
just looooooves to play
with these Magic Machines !

I send extra Blessings
of Love and Appreciation
to My Dear AngelMom today ....
I am with You all day
on Shiny Rainbows , as I
celebrate My Mother's Day
and My Daughter's
Mother's Day !!!
We dance together in
of Mothers everywhere...
including Our
Beloved Earth Mother !

Happy Mother's Day
to all the
" first time Moms "...

You are truly Wonderful...
 Your little Baby
sooooooo much ,
and wishes to Thank You
for Your warm Love ,
Kindness and Caring !
Keep on Shining and being

soooooooo Special !

Happy Mother's Day
to the Mother of Compassion
within each of us (male and female),
to our beautiful Mother Earth
who nurtures us daily,
to our own BeLoved Mothers
who birthed us and supported our growth
and to ALL of US as the Mothers
 birthing a new reality
Sharon Lyn Shepard
In celebration of Our
Dear Mothers all over the world
here's some treats
to make Her some special
cards or photo frames with...
Blessings nd Love
to You All

for a Happy , Shiny Day !


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