- The Beatles -
Hello Dear Ones ,
As You know ,
in Faerieland We Love to stretch
Special Days , and
St . Valentine's Day is a very
Special day for Us All ...
It is that Precious time when We
like to remind Our Loved Ones
just how much We truly 
Love and Care for Them . 
Sadly , like Christmas ,
Valentine's Day has become 
 commercial and many Folk
do not celebrate it anymore !
We have been badly brainwashed
into believing that to show Our Love ,
We have to spend a lot of money
on each other , buying expensive
Gifts , when a hand created card
or a bunch of flowers grown
and picked from Our Garden ...
a sunset picnic or
a poem written from the Heart
means so much more !

We All know deep inside
that Love is the most important
energy needed for Our survival ...
and that it is just other People's
insecuritues that try and stop
the Loving energy from
being the uplifting and magical
energy that it is !
For when the days are filled with
Unconditional Love
then everything flows well !
Everything We do with Love
in Our Hearts ,
brings more into Our Lives to Love
and be Loved !
"Saint Valentine ,associated with
Valentine's Day festival, is said
to have lived in Rome when
the country was under the reign
of Emperor Claudius II.
It is said that Emperor Claudius was
hard-hearted king who continuously
engaged Rome in bloody battles.
But in order to keep fighting,
he needed to keep recruiting soldiers.
However, to his disappointment
Claudius found that men were
not willing to join army because
of their attachment with
 their wives and families.
In order to get rid of the issue,
Claudius passed a callous
decree that banned engagements
and marriages in Rome.
He also said that any priest
who married
a young couple would
 be put to death.
Young men and women found a savior
in Valentine or Valentinus ,
a romantic at heart priest.
Even at the cost of his life,
Valentine stood against
 the unjustified
order and secretly
arranged marriages
with the help of Saint Marius.
When Claudius finally found out
about Valentine's defiance,
he was brutally beaten
 up and put to prison.
Later, Valentine was put to death
on February 14, about 270 AD.
For his martyrdom and service
towards lovers Valentine was
named a saint after his death.
The romantic festival of
Valentine's Day
is said to have originated in pagan
times in Rome when people
celebrated annual fertility festival
called Feast of Lupercalia
 in mid-February.
A unique custom of the festival
 was the mating of young boys
and girls for
a year through a lottery system.
Quite often the couple would
 fall in love and marry.

By Middle Ages, Saint Valentine had
become the patron saint of love and
lovers in England and France.
So, when Pope Gelasius decided to put
an end to pagan celebrations of
Feast of Lupercalia,
he declared in 498 AD that
14th February be celebrated
as Saint Valentine's Day.
Since then lovers began to express
their love on the martyrdom
day of Saint Valentine.
One of the most important customs
 of Valentine's Day festival
is the exchange of love notes called
 ‘Valentines' by lovers.
The tradition is said to have initiated
in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans
 who sent the first known Valentine Day
card to his wife from prison.
In present times,
Valentine's Day is the second biggest
 card-giving holiday after Christmas.
There is also the tradition
of gifting flowers,
chocolates besides other gifts of
love on Valentine's Day as
an expression of love.

Celebrating Every Relationship

From a day of romance to an occasion
that celebrates love in all its forms,
 that is how Valentine's day has
evolved over the years.
 From gifting tokens of love to girlfriends,
wives to boyfriends and husbands
this day has now become significant
for sending Valentine gifts or tokens
of love and affection across relationships.
So, be it your wife or sister or
mother you can now find this occasion
as a reason to express your love for
all of them through the various means
that have become popular these days."
As We were away during this
special time , I am stretching this
Precious celebration
and meeting You All on
Valentine Rainbows ....
to share with You how much
I appreciate Your Loving energies
shared in My Special ' Cyber Homes '.
I hold You All close in My Heart

May We continue to share these
Loving and Uplifting energies with
One another ... every day !
Keep on Shining and being
sooooooo Special !

And here's a
 Valentine's Gift for You....
Enjoy !
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