Good Morning Dear Ones ,
In 2 weeks time We will be
celebrating " Sulina's "
20th Anniversary !
This is soooooo exciting ,
as I never thought that
I would have ever been able to
follow My Dreams ....
sad how other People's
fears and insecurities
always try and stop One from
doing what One feels deep down
is the right thing to do !
I am glad I got brave enough
to " break away "
and just do it !
It has been so rewarding !
I am busy with an article
for Our local magazine ... will share
it with You when it's finished .
May You , too ,
be inspired to follow Your Dreams
and make Them
a wondrous reality ! 

Granny Art has just shared these

cute little Friends ...
had to play immediately ...
was such fun , I thought I'd share
the card with You too !
I see Kyra also got inspired !
Thanxxxx Kyra ...
have missed Your treats !
Have fun with Our
new Gifts !
You will find these Gifts in the

Create-a-card Page
and Kyra's bragbooks and kits ,
in Our Special Creative Club ...
E-mail Us at
if You wish to join
Our Creative Family
and to receive Our Gifts

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