Good Morning Dear Ones ...
popping in to wish You All
a Magical Monday !
I LOVE Mondays !
They are like Birthday Presents ...
weekly Treats to unwrap ,
revealing a whole new week
filled with new adventures !
YAY for Mondays !

And talking about Treats !
Funky , from Wishing-on-a Starr ,
has just shared some amazing
Gifts to get those Creative
Energies excited !
I have had fun with
these two cards .
Pop in here to say Hi and to
give Funky and BIIIG HUG !!! 

Thanxxxxx Funky !
That was sooooo much fun !
And here's a Gift for You too...
to make Your Monday a
Special , Magical One !
Keep on Shining and having fun !
Angel Blessings and Faerie kisses
from Us All to You All !
You will find this Gift in the
Create-a-card Page
in Our Special Creative Club ...

E-mail Us at
if You wish to join
Our Creative Family
and to receive Our Gifts

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