Hellllooooo Dear Ones ...
A bit late in posting
these weekend treats....
spent the day with Jethro ....
need I say more ! tee ! hee !
Always such a Precious time !

I am busy painting " clay shards "
for the " Meditation Pool "
that Ian and Aron are building
outside the " Healing Room " .
Ian is off to Durban for a while
to spend some Special
Time out with His Mom ,
so I want to have the shard ready
for when He gets back ....
have been waiting since before
Christmas to finish this
Magic Pool ....
another " lesson in Patience ! "
We get lots of Visitors
who just want to " chill " !
We are creating the pool with
a waterfall surrounded
with Our Sculptures and
colourful mosaics , with
uplifting messages ,
so that One can just relax
and stare at the water
reflecting and splashing on
Our Creations ....
now just have to find a way
to keep the mosquitos away !!!!
heeeeeeeeee !

Been dreaming of Beach Treatings
so ended up making a
Gift filled with beachy inspirations !
And then , as I opened today ,
found all these " Bragbook "
  Gifts from Kyra ...
oooooooo! Thanxxxxx Kyra...
these are AMAZING !
Think We should turn Your
incredible pages into
an uplifting Book someday !

Enjoy these treats Dearest Ones ...

and may Your weekend be filled
with looooots of Happy , Loving ,
Creative Moments !
Keep on Shining
and being sooooo Special !

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