♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫.

Here are the 1st two pages of a book
I am creating for Jethro
and other Children who have
freaked out
when They find out where
 " Meat ' comes from !
I know ... We could go on
forever over this " issue " !
I have had meat eaters try and
make Me feel bad My whole life ,
because deep down They really feel guilty
for what They are eating !

Again We have just been
" badly brainwashed "
about what We should eat etc ....
 I still feel that
We All have a choice ....
before We make any decision
We ALL should visit an abbottoir
or ' Animal Farm '
and experience the horrors of
what goes on there !
Or We should do Our own killing
and see how We feel about eating
an Animal after hearing
 it scream in terror !

I also agree that Plants
have feelings too !
That is why They ask Us to
give Them enough time
to withdraw Their energies back
 into Their roots
before They are cut ...
Fruit and Vegetables chose to
feed Us
and only ask for Gratitude
and Love when being cultivated .
I personally prefer growing
Vegetables in Harmony
to killing an Animal ,
as I have never found an
 " organic " way to do this !
Today , there is no reason to do
what We do to Our Animal Friends ...
there is sooooo much out there
to eat that are " Light Foods '
and We , and especially these
 ' New Children " are
" Light Beings " after all !
Thanxxxx for allowing Me to
share this " sensitive " point !
Blessings and Love to
all Precious Beings
on Our Beloved Mother Earth
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫.

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  1. This is a fine way of turning the little one's on to these things, Minky! Setting an example and teaching them outright of Love and Respect for other living things is necessary for our children to be able to carry on this world after us. We aren't doing them any favors by not doing this. Bless you for this wonderful post! I will share these with with my little ones.
    Much love and great wishes,