Good Morning Dear Ones ,
Seems the Internet wobblies are over !
Have been trying to get this new
Cyber Home together
for You in between
the " disco shows " tee ! hee ! ...
and now it's ready !!!!
Faerie-nuf Creative Inspirations
Our " Kits " have
grown so much that We
decided to give them their
own Special Cyber Home !
tee ! hee !
Makes it easier for You
to find Our mix of
Creative Inspirations !

I gathered all the new Kits,
Gifts and Inspirations
from the past couple
of months ... and

have put them
there for You to
enjoy !
In celebration
of our New Home
and Our
2nd Birthday
in " Blogland "...
all the kits and Qps
" Faerie Special "
adoption fees ...
so treat Yourself a bit !
tee ! hee !

Have fun playing with these
Creative Inspirations...
and don't forget to send Your
Precious cards to Us to
share with the rest of
the Family !

Talking about sharing ....
Look at the Incredible cards that
Snowy and Edna
created for the
" 2nd Birthday Challenge "...
see more info here ....
Thanxxxxxxx Dear Ones...
these are AMAZING !
I do Love them so !
YAY for You !
And just look at
what Kyra sent Us to play with too !
wheeeeeee !
What a lot of Beautiful Treatings !
Thanxxxxxxx Dear One...
Bless You Kyra !
You are a True
" Cyber- Faerie Godmother !!! "

You will find them here...

May We continue to
travel and dance upon
these Magical
Creative Rainbows together !

Have a wondrous Weekend...
filled with all the good things
You wish for !
Love and Peace ,

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