The Artists' Faeries (With everything in it!)
Look at this INCREDIBLE Kit
that Ian got for Me to play with
while He was away ....
wheeeeeeeee !
I have been wanting this
treat for a while...
so Ian thought it would keep
Me so wonderfully busy ,
that I would not have
 time to miss Him !
tee ! hee ! and it worked !!!
He comes back Home tomorrow !
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay !
Here's the cards I have been
having fun with ....
and here's Lorie's link
so that You also go and
treat Yourself ...
and see all Her other AMAZING
creative inspirations.....
Kayleigh Loved this one I did
for Jethro ...
so I used it for Her too !

That was soooooooo wondrous
for My Creative energies !
Thank You sooooo much Lorie...
Your kits are incredibly uplifting !

Keep on shining ,
creating and having fun !
Blessings and Love
to You all
for a Magical eve

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