Good Morning Dear Ones ,
I've not been able to
chat to You on
Facebook for a few days now,
as the lines are being
 upgraded in Swellendam ,
so sometimes can't get
onto the Internet ,
Facebook , Utube ,
or open e-mails...
I am Blessed to
be able to " Blog "
through Picasa !
Yaaaaaaaaay !
So at least We can share chats
and creations here !

I had fun with Our
2nd Birthday Celebrations kit ..
details found here ...
 and made this card in
Celebration of Life !
Thanxxxxxx to Nekoha and Hoozer
for the Beautiful Angel ...
And , so ,
before We get cut off again
I wish to say a BIG
to everyone who adopted some
 kits from Our New Cyber Home ....
We are now raising funds for the
" Ceiling boards and insulation sheets "
Enjoy all the
" Faerie Specials
until the end of August !
Meet You looots on Creative Rainbows !
Keep on Shining and having fun !
Blessings and Love

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