Hellllllooooooo Dearest Ones ...
May this find You well
 and shiny bright !
I've been wonderfully lost

in the
" Magic Mushroom
Ring of Creativity " ...
while taking care of the gallery ,
and when Ian and I were
relaxing watching
the Travel channel....
had fun visiting
Devon and Cornwall !
wheeeeeeeeee !

Now I can make cards
showing You , Your
" Divine Being within " !
tee ! hee !
This is sooooo much fun !

Off to create some more
before I have to go and
 wake the Fae !!!
wheeeeeeeeee again !!!!

Meet You on Creative Rainbows !
Blessings and Love
for a Happy , Sparkly ,
Creative Weekend !
Thanxxxxxxxxx to

and My " Sharing Family " at...
for these Creative Inspirations .

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