Wheeeeeeee !
I have to share a Miracle !!!!!
For all this time ,
playing on the " Magic Machine " ,
there have been so many incredible
Creative lessons learned ....
but I soooooo wanted to learn how
to " invisibilize " faces ...
Karen showed Me how
to do it in " layers " in Photoshop
but I just could never get
right  it in My programme...
since then , other
Friends advise to also
work in the " layers " section ...
but I really do not seem to
understand Photoshop...
even with tutorials ! sniff !
I wanted to create these
 kind of pictures ...
I use an ancient programme
called " Printshop "...
that does all kinds of Magic ...
and guides You in simple steps
in " English " ! tee ! hee !
But I have never been able to find
this Magic Button there  !!!
I also have a " Paint Shop Pro " ...
that , like Photoshop , is not
easy for Me to understand ...
so I just use it to
" open files " ! tee ! hee !
HOWEVER ......
after all these years of
waiting for the right button
to arrive ...
searching all the " layers "
I could find ....
on opening some files ,
I saw 2 columns down
the right side
come up all the time
with symbols of " eyes "
next to different " layers "...
mmmmmm !
on clicking on them ,
it said " opacity 0% - 100 % "...
and as I moved the " arrow "...
the face became...
AND ...
You can also delete
 " black backgrounds "
in these columns !!!!
What A Gift indeed !!!
 THANK YOU Magic Machine...
Gosh ! To think that the
Magic Button was there all this time !!!
Now I must find that photie
of a Waterfall and a
Wise Wizards face that
inspired Me years ago to
look for this
" invisible thing "...
tee ! hee !

I know that many of You have
tried to show Me ...
and I Thank You for Your Love
and Patience...
now I am off to get lost
in the
" Magic Mushroom Ring "
and create some more !!!
wheeeeeeeeee again !!!!
Meet You on Creative Raibows !
Blessings and Love
 Thanxxxx for these Creative sharings
goes to .....

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  1. I also find now and then a magical button in my PSE8 and then a whole new world opens itself LOL! It's also about finding just the right tutorials, writting in "plain" English(or Dutch) with lots of pics in it to show what button etc. they are talking about ROFL! Also nice to use is the Lasso tool with the "blur"button at the top. Will send you a screenshot by mail! Have fun playing and discivering the magic of photoshop ROFL!