Good Morning Dearest Ones ,
It's so funny to read all Your tales of
Springtime Flower awakenings ,
as I enter the warm ,
gentle , sleepy days of Autumn !

Spring is such an exciting time of the Year ...
it symbolises New Beginnings , and Fresh Starts ...
long days ahead to fill with all the good
things You wish for , and deserve ( from the Heart )
Time to cleanse away all the " Dust Goblins "
from under the fridge and cupboards ...
awaken the hibernating Flowers and Bulbs
and join in the Joyous Dance of Spring ...
filling the days ahead with everything
Happy , Loving , Shiny and Bright !
To All of You living up North...
Have a wonderful Springtime ...
meet You on Bright Rainbows for
partytime celebrations !

XXX Thank You XXX
Granny Art , AngelBarbiemarie ,
Anita-Lee , Shoofly , Jecajo
and Raspberry Road designs
for these Beautiful Springtime Inspirations shared .

Autumn is that wonderful time of the year
to let go of the old and stagnant energies that have
cluttered up Your Sacred Space
throughout the Summertime !
All around , the Natural World cloaks Herself
in Golden marmalade layers ,
delighting the Children with the
Trees' leafy blessings ...
and reminding Us to take time out to
cleanse and ready , Ourselves and Our Lives ,
for the abundance of all that is for Our
Highest Good , to come and fill Our days
with the positive energies
of Love , Peace and Happiness !
Sometimes it may feel a bit hard to let go of
an old , negative thought or habit ...
ask Your Angels to guide You ,
and They will always help You turn
frowns into smiles !
To Everyone in the South ...
have a wonderful Autumntime...
letting go of the old and
making way for the exciting new !
Thank you Jecajo , Anita-Lee,
Granny Art , AngelBarbiemarie
and Raspberry Road Designs , for these
beautiful Autumn Inspirations shared

In Celebration ,
Kyra and I have these Gifts to share ...
You will find Them in Our Special Creative Club
under " Gift Bags " and " Kyra's QPs '...
Keep on Shining and having Fun ,
no matter what Season You're in !
Blessings and Love
from Us All
to You All

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