♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

Today We had a big Healing Circle
and were given
this to share with Everyone ...
We surround Mother Earth ,and
 All who live on Her ,
with this powerful
Transformation Energy of
The Golden Silver Violet Flame !
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

" I have a vision where all people are at
 peace, fed and housed, every child
is loved and educated to
develop their talents,
where the heart is more important
than the head and
wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world justice, equality
and fairness rule.
Nature is honoured, so the waters
flow pure and clear and the air
 is fresh and clean.
 Plants and trees are nurtured and
all animals are respected and
treated with kindness.
 Happiness and laughter prevail
and humans walk hand in hand
 with Angels.

Thank you for the love, understanding,
wisdom, courage and humility to
do my part to spread the light.
Dr. Sohiniben Shukla

May all the world ascend with ease .
So be it."
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

The Gold and Silver Violet Flame Affirmation

" As you affirm I AM you are declaring
that your God self is in alignment
with that quality or person.
Here is a very powerful I AM affirmation
 which was given to me by
Archangel Zadkiel and it will help
you to identify totally with the
Gold and Silver Violet Flame.

I AM the Gold and Silver Violet Flame
I AM the Flame of Mercy
I AM the Flame of Joy
I AM the Flame of Transmutation
I AM St Germain
I AM Archangel Zadkiel

As you say 'I AM St Germain',
 'I AM Archangel Zadkiel',
you are affirming that your
God Self now identifies totally with
St Germain and Archangel Zadkiel
and merges with their energy so
that you can express it in your life.

When you affirm this with energy and force,
you will observe your life changing
as all your conscious or unconscious
 negativity is transmuted
and grace enters.

Service work
You can do this during meditation
or even when you are walking,
or standing in a queue.

Invoke the Gold and Silver Violet Flame.
Imagine, sense or visualise the
flame surrounding you and
consuming all your lower vibrations.

Picture a person, place or situation
where there is disharmony and
surround it with the
Gold and Silver Violet Flame
 until it feels purified.

Imagine the Gold and Silver Violet Flame
surrounding the whole planet and
burining up the dross.

Conclude by affirming
 'I AM the Gold and Silver Violet Flame'
as often as you can. "
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

A message from
Archangel Michael

"Be gentle with yourselves as 
you move into Higher Dimensional Life.
Know that sometimes the Flow may be
easy as you work with the
Miracles of Creative Manifestation,
 and sometimes it will be a little
 difficult as you may briefly drop
into old frequency addictions
and fear habits.
 This will be because many around
you will still be in the
 frequencies of fear and
they may briefly shift you from
your center.
If this happens,
just gently move back into
the Higher Frequencies of
 Love and Peace.
It is so important that you
embody this Radiant Light
so that others may
experience Higher Frequencies
and learn to align with these energies."

- I AM Archangel Michael-

♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

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