♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

Good Morning Dear Ones ...
We continue to Meet and
 join hands in a Golden Circle
around Our Mother Earth
and Everyone who is
experiencing Our
Earth Mother's cleansings !

We Thank You Angels and Archangels ...
and all Our Earth's Guardians ,
for continuing to surround all Those who
have chosen this time to Ascend and
begin Their journey to " Heaven "...
We Thank You for surrounding and
comforting the
Families left behind...
for Healing Those who
 have been injured
and for surrounding
 Our Earth Mother with
Golden Healing Light as
She recovers from
this huge " tear ' in Her side !
May We release all fears and panics ,
and continue to send out
Our Blessings and Love to All .

Remember , each little Blessing sent out
adds up to one HUGE Blessing , that is
most Powerful , Warm and Healing !
♥♥♥❥•♪♫¸☆¸♥ Lღ√Ƹ , ☮ ṖƐΛƇƐ and Jღy ♥.✫'*°☆.`❥•♪♫"

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