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XXXX Thank You Judith XXXXX
for this interesting and
inspirational article .
We do indeed
live in excting times !

Opening up of massive gateway/portal Japan/New Zealand

With the massive earthquakes in Japan
and the one in New Zealand,
ancient gateways or portals,
associated with the Ancient
Continent of Mu (Lemuria),
have been reopened.

Those souls who have died,
 in these disasters, have done so in a collective
effort to assist this planet to heal.
Their souls had master-planned this,
long before they incarnated onto this planet -
and they all were souls who were involved
 in Lemuria at the time of its destruction.
They opted to do this,
 as an act of great Love to this
 Planet and in Higher Service to mankind.

When the Lemurian Landmasses started
 sinking under the sea,
these portals were shut down.
 It happened during a massive nuclear war,
in which two warring factions were fighting
for the supremacy of that Region of the Earth.
 In a sense it was a war between two brothers,
 and one of the most powerful sites was a
 massive temple complex,
 which housed the Temple of the 7th Sun.

This Temple fed the energy grid lines,
which went through that part of the world,
 and led into the very centre of the Earth...
connecting it in turn with the most important
 ley lines within the very womb of this Planet.

With the opening up of this portal,
the leylines under the seabed,
 which were clogged up,
between Japan and New Zealand,
have been cleared.

This will be releasing
tremendously potent energies -
and will lead to the opening up of the other
clogged up portals and gateways of Mu.

This in turn will counter-react more earthquakes
and other natural disasters, as the whole of the
 Lemuria Continent is rising
once more to the surface.

With the opening up of the inner portals
a lot of crystals will resurface,
which had been held inside
the earth for safekeeping.
 As they get activated once more,
the whole energy grid in and around the planet
will be lit up with a combination of
gold/platinum/violet/magenta coloured light -
 which in turn will activate
 the latent memory banks
of those individuals who have had
past incarnations in the Lemurian Lands.

They will find that suddenly their memory
 banks are re-opened and with it the memory
of who they were at the time and what they did.
This is a part of their karmic link at this time,
 to try and rectify the mistakes of that time,
to assist this planet to raise the consciousness.

All of those living there,
 and those currently drawn to those lands,
have had past incarnations or some soul link
to Lemuria and thus share
the same memory banks.
It is time for the kindred souls from soul
cluster families to reunite once more,
 and to collectively work for the
ultimate healing of that part of the world.

The Angel dolphins,
 as Keepers of some of Ancient Keys,
 are there to assist those who wish to use
their innate abilities to bring into
 balance and harmony those lands.

The awakening of the Ancient Dreamtime lines
 and the long-forgotten inner workings of this planet,
will ensure that we are able to transcend from the
lower into the Higher Spheres once more....
 Like a proverbial Jacob's ladder......

All of you are called upon to
remember your true self and
to remember in what way you
are now called upon to serve.
Simply ask for guidance in this regard,
and it shall be granted.

This is truly a great time to be alive
 - in Higher Service...
always acting from the very heart.

Judith Kusel
17 March 2011

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