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shining upon Us tonite .....
just can't seem to get the photies
 onto here !!! mmmmm !
So for now I share some Water
 Healing Inspirations
and continue to meet
 on Magical Moonbeams
to surround the Planet
and Ourselves
with looooooots of
Love and Gratitude !
Shine On Precious Ones

Thank You for this Jason...
" I ask that everyone band together and on
every full moon,
Place 3 amethyst 3 rose quartz and
3 clear quartz in a lake stream
or ocean around the world,
add your prayers and intentions,
in each Amethyst add Light,
in each Rose add Love,
and in each Quarts add Peace..

For those of you who cant afford the crystals,
 or chose not to, you to can join this mission
by taking a few minutes on the full moon
to consciously bless the waters of the world,
there are many ways you can do this
you could go to them and
add something to the waters,
or you could sit at home and do it,
or walk to the waters and bless them,
the most important thing is the intent into
the water the more people who join together
in this movement the
faster the change will take place,
so it is very important that everyone send
 this out to there friends so we can
 give everyone a chance to join in =)

I have recently returned from NYC where
 i was guided to place these intentions in these
stones and place them in the waters by the
statue of liberty it caused a massive shift in
the drinking water of everyone in NYC adding
 a positive spin back in there water supply,
 i ask you to help me with this mission to
 renew and refresh the waters of this world and
 to cause them to be returned back into
the living waters of creation that they once were,
Join me and many others in giving back to
our mother who gave us life and a place to
play and learn and experience,
the time is NOW beloved family
let us begin this process of love =)
Peace Love and Light,
Jason Estes "

" During the coming Full Moon and Equinox
 we ask you to hold ceremony with Water,
to hold ceremony with Earth.

Water is our source of Life.
We all know how profound
water responds to intention.
 Water streams everywhere.
Waterways and rivers are the veins of
 our beautiful Planet. Our Mother Earth.

On this day use your intention to honor,
the life giving energies, the cleansing properties,
the nurturing and food providing abilities of...
our Most Sacred Water.

Find a stream, a river,
 a lake or the ocean and fill up each a bottle
or vessel of water from this sacred place.
 Bring these vessels together in a circle.
Become centered, still and
 open a prayer together,
 honoring the Life that this water is,
thanking the purity that water represents
and acknowledging this element
of Earth as Sacred, Holy and Divine.

When ready, shift your attention and
 humbly apologize to our earth for humanities
 ignorance towards the essence of water.
Acknowledge the deep deep damage humanity
 is causing on the Water of our Earth,
the one life sustaining principle that all Life
on Earth can never ever do without.

Water is everything and yet we treat it as
a substance that can be chemically treated,
polluted, wasted, used and
abused for the gain profits
and poisoning of fellow human beings,
 the animals and all other life.
Our Earth suffering through this can no
 longer allow humanity to continue like this,
 she is yearning for our healing words,
our loving intention,
our acknowledgement that
we are so deeply connected to her,
through Water.

As she continues to nourish, clothe, house and
sustain us so that we one day
may wake up to our truths.
She now calls out to all of us to turn these tides,
 to change the 'energy' pollution that
goes into her waters,
to alter the vibratory frequency of our Waters,
 so it can receive the much needed
healing it longs for so deeply.

When you are ready focus all your love, gratitude,
 presence, beauty, magnificence and radiant energy
on the vessel of water that you hold.
Honor the life giving principles and know that as
you speak to this water you speak to All Water.

Make it your intention to deeply purify,
bless and imprint within this water
 you love based intention template.

We encourage you to include in this
blessings an ever continuing wave of:
"Perpetual healing and unstoppable restoration
 of all Waters on Earth to its highest potential"

When your blessing ceremony is finished return
this water to the sacred place from which
you took it (return it to the source).
As you pour your water back into the source
from which it came envision, see and know
that your prayer will travel
and transmute all water
that it comes in contact with.
Envision a wave of ongoing light moving
through the water. See it spreading out as
 a healing membrane that travels far and wide
across the rivers, through the lakes,
crossing all the
seas and healing all Earths oceans.

Know that this now highly intelligent water,
this totally blessed and purified water becomes the
 drinking water for All Life, all humans, all Trees,
all Animals, all of Earth.
These healing water will restore balance,
 bring back sanity, return love, appreciation
and healing as a collective vision for tomorrow.
The water that we drink tomorrow will
be awakening us all to the inner connectedness
 that we all hold, have and are with all Life.

Thank you for who you are.
Share and post this as far and wide
as your connections might take you!

Together we can restore and heal our planet,
undo the damage done and
awaken the heart of all people.
In Love and service to our Earth.
In Celebration of this
Magical Moon and the
Enchanted Eve that We are
experiencing , here's a Gift
for You to enjoy !
You will find this under
" Create a card '
in Our Special Creative Club
Keep on Creating and having fun !

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